About our School

Palm Beach Maritime Academy is a Kindergarten through 12th Grade tuition-free Public Charter School with two campuses located in Lantana, Florida.  We are a maritime studies and marine science enriched charter school. We were founded 18 years ago on the desire to bring our students to the ocean and to give them an appreciation of the marine world.


The education for our students is enriched by taking part in many field trips and interaction with in-class science activities.  Our elementary students travel to places such as Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Loxahatchee Nature Center, Jupiter Lighthouse, Sandoway House, and Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

Students at our Upper School participate in field trip experiences including Marine Lab in the Florida Keys, Everglades Conservation Center, Dagger Wing Nature Center, snorkeling trips, coastal cleanups and shark tagging with the University of Florida.


These field trips give students unique hands–on learning experiences.  Students can interact with marine life and the natural environment.  Students learn about protecting endangered animals, why we need to stop destroying coral reefs and natural habitats, the importance of our oceans, and how human life is tied to our oceans.

Elementary students receive “touch experiences” that range from interactions with sea spiders, pucker fish, Australian Iguanas, to earthworms.  Experiential classroom lessons this year include genetics, our five senses, properties of matter, natural resources, decomposition, and the marine environment and its inhabitants.


Our Middle School offers intensive and advanced classes in addition to small class sizes.  Our High School offers intensive, Advanced Placement and dual enrollment classes in conjunction with Palm Beach State College.  Instruction is delivered to target student’s individual needs.


Our High School Students scored in the top 3% in the State of Florida in science for two years in a row.

Our Upper School Campus has been newly landscaped.  Both of our campuses have a state of the art camera systems and full-time security guards.  We offer free busing and we have a fleet of 8 brand new buses.  We provide before and after school care programs in addition to summer camp.


Our Lower School (Grades K-5) is located at 1518 West Lantana Road and our Upper School (Grades 6-12) is located at 600 S. East Coast Avenue.  Both campuses are in Lantana, Florida.

For more information or questions about our school, please email Mrs. Cooper at Scooper@PBMALantana.org or call  (561) 547-3775.



Our Vision

Vision Statement: Palm Beach Maritime Academy (PBMA) pledges to improve and increase learning opportunities for all students through the use of diverse learning methods. These include a cooperative learning environment, differentiated instruction, technologically enhanced lessons, field trips, and interaction with our local communities and stakeholders. PBMA proudly embraces a culturally diverse learning environment while helping students meet and exceed the Florida State Standards.

Our Mission

Mission: Palm Beach Maritime Academy (PBMA), strives to provide innovative learning experiences in a culturally diverse environment. PBMA challenges all students to develop an awareness and understanding of the world’s marine environment, to embrace their responsibility for learning, and to be global stewards.



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